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Kids Yoga ~ I am a brave warrior!


An Amazing Kids Yoga Teacher, Christen and I am leading a Kids Yoga Teacher Training, here she is in action with my daughter Grace on her left! 😉 So fun!

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Casey & Kathy ~ Kids Yoga Teachers

Hi ,

Welcome to the Kids Yoga Club. I’m so happy you joined the Kids Yoga Guide Club. Have you introduced yourself on the forum yet? If not, please do that now. This is a great way to get to know fellow kids yoga teachers, parents and others who love sharing yoga with kids.

IMPORTANT: This site is new, and is still a work in progress. You may find some bugs, typos, and mistakes. When you find something that you believe needs to be updated or fixed, by all means let me know through the contact page.

Have fun connecting with others and sharing your passion for kids yoga!

Namaste & Play Casey Feicht